Two years flying with the Spanish Imperial Eagle

Discover with Andoni Canela the world of the Spanish Imperial Eagles. More than two hundred days with the eagles to obtain unique images such as an attack to fox, the building of the nest, bathing moments, the feeding of the chicks and pursuits of pigeons and vultures. Information, maps, an interactive story for children and the personal view of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente about the Imperial Eagle.

  • 200 pictures
  • 50 video clips
  • Texts, notes and nature sounds
  • Interactive tale for children



Dear eagles,

I have been flying with you for the past two years. I have visited your nests and watched as you fed your chicks. I have observed your plumage changing through the year. I have been there whilst you were searching for a mate, hunting for rabbits and chased after foxes.

I have become invisible in order to get close without disturbing you. I have spent hundreds of hours hidden and have shared the emotion of listening to your mating call while having unexpected visitors: a friendly lizard, an amusing caterpillar, a singing robin or an absent-minded deer.

I know very few of you now remain, scarcely three hundred pairs, though I strongly hope that your silhouette never stops soaring across the Mediterranean forests.




The book "The Spanish Imperial Eagle, an endangered species' comeback", is a joint venture of the BBVA Foundation and Fundación Amigos Águila Imperial Ibérica, Lince Ibérico y Espacios Naturales Privados. The text has been written by Luis Mariano González, one of the best specialists on the Spanish Imperial Eagle and the photographs have been taken by Andoni Canela. The book has 188 pages which show this species’ biology and the Mediterranean habitat of the Spanish Imperial Eagle.

Fundación BBVA

Fundación Amigos del Águila Imperial